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Advanced High Speed Internet, located in Yakima, WA, takes a different approach to the regular way of providing internet for homes and businesses. Instead of the traditional DSL or cable connections, Advanced provides a wireless platform for our customers to receive their internet from a Network Operations Center (NOC).

This direct wireless connection is more reliable and more efficient for residents and businesses in rural areas. At Advanced, we have a variety of residential and business plans available to meet your specific needs.

Custom packages and solutions are also available for individuals or businesses. Give our office a call at (509)-895-9600 and we can discuss your needs!

Our Business Phone Plans



$ 25
  • per line or extension

Keep your phone number(s) ask us how

A no cost, no obligation site survey is required to determine your phone system needs.

*Phone service available on most internet services.

Advanced Options to Save You Money

We have plans for residential and business customers including business continuity. We also offer networking solutions including Enterprise Grade Routers, Switches, Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points, and Point to Points to service your outbuildings, shops, or campus with larger speeds and provide wireless coverage for your house or business.

Advanced High Speed Internet is dedicated to providing our customers with the plan they need at the price they can afford. If you want to find out more information about our process, rates and plans, get in touch with us today at (509) 895-9600.

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